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Beautiful young women shopping.Cityblis – a place to discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers! Use Cityblis to find cool fashion, start new trends, hear exclusive stories and buy unique pieces from around the world.

Cityblis is more than just a platform. It is a community of creative talents and fashion savvy people. We are empowering designers to build their brands by working with fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway and trade shows all under one roof to let designers do what they do best – design great fashion.

Through great fashion find unique people, unique moments, unique stories and share them with the world.

For our
fashion lovers

designers-and-artistsCityblis lets you discover the best independent fashion designers around the world – Fashion is a personal expression of who we are and we want it to be unique!

Cityblis is a community of trendsetters and fashion forward innovators that brings together designers and fashion lovers like you from every corner of the globe and from every medium.

Remember before the internet we used to go to the mall to check out the latest fashion, see the cool displays, talk to people in the store and hang out with our friends. So now that everything is now online – why does that have to change? We want to bring the joy of online shopping and fashion back to the internet.

Cityblis not only allows designers to showcase their creativity but more importantly allows them to tell their story – giving you a sneak peek behind the designer, their products and their brands.

So why use Cityblis?

It’s all about visibility and market presence! Today opening a brand is like opening a shop in the middle of the desert. That is why Cityblis is working directly with fashion magazines and fashion bloggers to tell your story. To give you even more exposure we work with fashion events and runway shows in Europe, the US and Australia where selected designers are invited to participate. We also work with procurement houses and retail buyer associations who are extremely interested in Cityblis to discover new designers and purchase collections for next season.

Cityblis gives you the possibility to be seen within large corporations and not simply lost amongst the crowd. New avenues for exposure and customers are made available with the right tools and the right connections to help you branch out globally and tell your story.



The mission of Les Envers is to offer to its customers a guaranteed Made in Italy product, which means carefully selected Italian materials and production , with handcrafted pieces in limited edition. Selected materials and products only from the best tradition of Italian leather, highly sophisticated in design, with care to detail. In our globalized world in which low cost seems to prevail, Les Envers has chosen to offer a high quality choice, to never disappoint the expectations of its customers, focusing on the excellence of Italian quality. The collection is developed in different models with a colour chart and matchings well studied by the designer and owner Sara Turatello. Part of the collection is inspired by the colours with glitter rock and metal very bright and flashy for those who want to dare and be outstanding, while the other one has always been the romantic theme that customers love, with neutral and delicate colours. “Les Envers” has added new shapes, including: -Cloud bag, clutch-shaped cloud, ironic and fun. -Biagins Bag, designed to carry the ballerinas or cosmetics depending on the needings. -Light Bag, bag soft and light, ideal for every moment. -Bon Bon Bag, studded bucket meant to be worn as a backpack, available in metallic colors. -The new Schioc-Bag, renewed in the structure.



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